15 Funniest Wines Guaranteed to Offend ... So You Don't Have To!

oops wineHonesty is always the best policy, but sometimes telling the truth is really hard to do. Whether your sentiment is positive or negative, save yourself the headache and let these brutally honest wines do the talking: The wacky labels deliver a clear, heartfelt message and -- if needed -- a glass of vino after will help to soften the blow. Without further ado, here are 15 funny wines that speak loudly so you don't have to ...





bitchBitch -- Girlfriend acting out? A bottle of this is all the reality check she needs.


cleavagecreekCleavage Creek -- Notice something a little, ahem, augmented about your friend? Present her with a bottle of this. After all, there's no better way to welcome the girls.


fatbastardFat Bastard -- If your husband's pudge is getting harder to hide, gift him a bottle of this to get the message across -- just be sure he drinks no more than one glass!


oopsOops -- Did you "by mistake" sleep with your best friend's ex? Oops! Tell her wine is the best consolation prize.


kiss ridgeKiss Ridge -- Are you or aren't you with your best guy friend? Uncork the magic of this boozy delight, and let the night unfold from there.


madhousewifeMad Housewife -- Surely, you can find an excuse for this one.


rude boyRude Boy/Rude Girl -- If you need an explanation for this one, it's time to put down the bottle.


therapyTherapy -- Friend going through a tough time? A little self-medication never hurt.

pinot evilPinot Evil -- Is there someone who intimidates the living daylights out of you? Help them take the scary down a notch with this bold vino.


littleblackdressLittle Black Dress -- Birthday coming up? Sometimes the fellas need a little help when it comes to gift ideas. Don't risk getting a crappy present -- tell him what you really want.


bigredpeckerBig Red Pecker -- If you have an excuse for this one, then well done you!


workinggirlwineWorking Girl Wine -- Congratulate your favorite pretty woman on a job well done.


il bastardoIl Bastardo -- Everyone knows one -- or several.


mommys time outMommy's Time Out -- Do you know a stressed out mommy? Better yet, are you a stressed out mommy?



cat's peeCat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush -- No excuse needed! It's just fun to say.


What's your favorite wacky wine?

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