6 Clues You Should Be on a Cooking Reality Show

The MasterChef finale was this week and -- spoiler alert -- it was Whitney, the 22-year-old student from Mississippi, who won the title.

Gordon Ramsay's latest U.S. venture has been renewed for another season, so we have plenty more amateur cook action to look forward to next year. And Whitney's first cookbook will undoubtedly hit bookshelves before we've hardly had a chance to miss her. But, while we await both, here are 6 things we can learn from MasterChef Whitney.


1. You don't spend a lot of money. Whitney's (unintentional) seven-minute chicken breast beat out her competitor David Miller's Beef Wellington. It was proof that simple food, executed well, can be just as satisfying as far more elaborate dishes.

2. You jazz up old favorites. Just think outside the box a little like Whitney did by stuffing her Chicken Parmesan with mozzarella instead of shredding it on top. And her no-bake cheesecake with graham cracker crumbles was a vision of modernity that wowed even Ramsay.

3. You don't skip dessert. Whitney's nickname on the show was the "Pastry Princess" and there are rumors she may come out with a dessert-only cookbook. She even knocked out competitor Sharone Hakman in hand-to-hand combat with a souffle, so she wouldn't in theory be where she is today without desserts.

4. You keep your focus. As David played to the crowd during the final round of competition, Whitney's attention to her three dishes never wavered. At one point, Ramsay advised him to cook more and chat less -- something that came naturally to Whitney.

5. You never give up. Even after she dropped her chicken on the floor with only seven of 90 minutes remaining, she got another piece of chicken in the frying pan and cooked it to perfection without missing a beat (even though editing made it look like it took her awhile to decide what to do).

6. You use girl power. Prior to the semifinals, Lee Knaz rather smugly said he would easily eliminate Whitney. But Whitney's no-bake cheesecake topped his rhubarb compote and he was sent packing with his tail between his legs (along with his mom, fiancee, and best friend). And, as we know, David was next despite the dropped chicken.

Image via larryjh1234/Flickr

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