Do You Hate Catholics? You'll Love This Ice Cream!

pregnant nun advertisementAn advertisement featuring a pregnant nun eating ice cream has been banned in the U.K. because it could be seen as "a distortion and mockery of the beliefs of Roman Catholics."

The company responsible for the ads, Antonio Federici, isn't backing down and is attempting to secure billboards to run them along the route the Pope will travel on an upcoming visit.

They have problems with the Catholic Church and are doing everything in their power to attack it and the beliefs of its followers.

Why do so few people care?


It was just weeks ago when some lunatic in Florida wanted to burn the Koran, and the whole world protested and rushed to defend a religion's sacred book. From President Obama to Angelina Jolie, everyone condemned one man's ignorant ways ... as they should have.

But here's an entire company bashing and defaming a religion practiced by millions around the world to pimp ice cream, and beyond a few headlines here and there and the 10 people who complained to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority, no one really notices?

Where's the worldwide outrage to protect the beliefs of this religion?

Just because most members of it are peaceful and aren't regularly linked to terrorist activities, it's OK to attack them?

When it comes to pregnant nun advertisements, people say get a grip, relax, there are plenty of problems with the Catholic religion so we can say what we want, attack it all we like.

And that may be true, but why wasn't anyone saying that when the Rev. Terry Jones wanted to burn the Koran?

I'm sure this Halloween there will be plenty of pregnant nuns walking around, but I doubt we'll see a whole lot of people dressed as burnt Korans. That certainly wouldn't be politically correct.

As offensive as these ads may be, I actually don't believe they should be banned, just as I don't believe the law should have stepped in to prevent Rev. Terry Jones from burning the Koran.

I just want to know what the difference is.

Do you think there's a difference between burning a Koran and mocking a religion through advertising?

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