'Top Chef: Just Desserts' Recap: Chefs Are Weird

top chef just dessertsThe luscious Gail Simmons and Johnny Iuzzini kick off the premiere of the Top Chef spin-off for pastry chefs: Just Desserts. Was it crazy sweet? Or just plain crazy?

Following the winning formula of the original, Gail and Johnny give the pastry chefs the challenges and a few notes along the way. Gail seems nice enough, but Johnny doesn't pull any punches. Would you expect such harshness from a guy who looks like this?

But the host and the judges got nothin' on the pastry chef contestants.

The artists behind the treats waste no time in showing us how fast they come unhinged. Here are the biggest lunatics of the group, in order of kookiness:



The winner of the first Quickfire Challenge, this chef races around the kitchen for no apparent reason. Sure, he's an insomniac with some anxiety to work out, but he manages to annoy everyone in the process. He may have won immunity, but he did not win the hearts and minds of the audience (or at least, this audience member.)


At first I thought hubba-hubba, this Dallas chef can bake me a cake as fast as he can! Then the slightest bit of pressure turned Morgan into a maniac. Also, he makes demands about the temperature of the loft all the chefs share. Which means he's a high maintenance crazy.


Clearly Zac is going to have all the good lines this season; and he delivers them in his sassy gay way that we've come to expect from at least one reality show contestant. But I have to disagree when the sobbing finalist declared that making desserts is like giving birth to a baby. Whatev, Chef Bonkers. Just try and push all 50 of those brownie sundaes out of something small and sensitive in your body and then we'll talk.

And the rest of the crew aren't exactly people you'd want to have as your roommates -- no matter how delicious that may sound.

The big challenge of the night was to create the most luxurious chocolate dessert of all time for a room of 50 chocolate connoisseurs, including Mr. Jacques Torres! That's right, the dude that makes Brooklyn smell good.

All of the desserts looked amazing, but of course there can be only one winner: Someone who understands chocolate decadence, and that chef was Heather. Seth looked shocked that he did not win, and I hope he gets used to that feeling because I don't know if I can stand an entire season with that crackhead.

The loser, alas, did not understand chocolate decadence, and that chef was Tania. Her dessert just didn't measure up, and she packed up her tools and went home. I actually liked her, which means she was probably too normal to hack it as a real chef.

Next week: We see how wackadoo some of these chefs really are with threats of violence, butter stealing and one big "suck it!"

Did you tune in to Top Chef: Just Desserts?


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