Recipes Made With a Microwave, Frozen Food Service, & More News

microwaveSome nights, by the time I get home from work, I'm too exhausted to even think about food, much less prepare it. I'd rather be lazy , as in, not move from the couch kind of lazy.

If you're having one of those kind of nights, here are some lazy links for you.

Bon apetit.

  • This is a godsend: 12 recipes made with either the microwave or toaster. The two appliances that single handedly kept me from starving when I first moved out on my own (back when I was really lazy, ahem, busy). -- Delish
  • Gadgets to help speed up the cooking process are always welcomed, whether it's for salads, peeling vegetables, or whipping cream, giving you more time to spend with the fam. Or to sit on the couch. Whichever. -- Yum Sugar
  • Now this one is for the super sloths out there (who? Me?). The ones that are sooo lazy, they can't even get off their butts to go to the grocery store and shop the frozen food aisle. Alas, you can have those microwaveable meals shipped right to your doorstep by the largest frozen food delivery service. -- Chow

Image via Alan_D/Flickr

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