Does Drinking Make You Stupid?

drinking makes you look dumbForget those images of 007, martini in hand, ready to solve problems on an international level -- a new study says that if you're holding a drink, you look like an idiot.

Two University professors conducted a series of experiments to measure people's perception of alcohol and none of the findings were flattering.

One experiment simply had pictures of men and women holding an alcoholic drink, a nonalcoholic drink or nothing. The respondents judged the person holding the booze as less intelligent as his or her counterparts.

Another experiment measured people's perceptions of a speaker when they were told he was drinking an alcoholic beverage versus a nonalcoholic beverage. Again, people thought the imbiber was dimmer.

While you may not think this applies to you -- after all if you're having a few, you're probably surrounded by other people who are drinking as well -- think again.



The most damning and universally applicable finding, however, came from the experiment that melded alcohol and job-seeking. Let's say a potential employer takes you, the potential employee, to dinner. The study shows that when you order a glass of wine or a beer, the employer views you as less desirable -- even if the employer orders a drink as well.

The study found that even if your future boss orders a drink for you and hands it to -- if you pick it up your perceived IQ goes down a few points.

So lesson learned -- never accept a drink at a job interview, or if you're asking for a raise or a genius grant.

Will this change the way you consume alcohol?

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