Endangered Fish: Eat 'Em While You Still Can!

red snapperThe oceans are running out of many species of fish. What to do? Catch and eat as many endangered species as we can before they run out!

Fortunately, countless restaurants and stores are here to help with that endeavor. In defiance of nagging from the likes of Greenpeace, businesses all over America are serving up endangered fish every day. Almost out of Atlantic halibut? No problem! You can still order it just about anywhere. Craving red snapper? Grab some while you can, because tomorrow it may be gone. What else should you order before it becomes extinct?


Seriously, folks, we're not advocating that you help raid the oceans of threatened species. Overfishing is actually a serious problem. Since most of us have a hard time keeping track of which fish are plentiful and which fish are on their way out, here is a list of a few fish you might want to pass on next time you're at Costco.

Halibut: Both Atlantic and California numbers are declining. On the other hand, Pacific halibut is a good choice.

Tuna: This fish is kind of a mixed bag, but the bluefin is definitely endangered. Some populations of albacore and yellow are also in trouble, plus some tuna fishing methods are do a lot of environmental damage even if the populations are healthy.

Atlantic cod: One of the great American affordable fish, populations are now in decline.

California or south Oregon salmon: We're running out of these as well, though wild-caught Washington and Alaskan salmon are still a good choice.

Chilean sea bass: If you find this on a menu or the grocery store, chances are it was caught illegally. Strangely enough, besides all the bad press it's still a popular fish (probably because it tastes great).

Red snapper: Most populations of these Hawaiian fish are in severe decline. That's too bad, since it's so lovely slow-roasted with ginger.

And here are a few less-popular but still endangered fish you probably weren't going to buy anyway: shark, ray, orange roughy, swordfish.

So, want to eat fish but still respect yourself in the morning? Check out Monterey Bay's Seafood Watch pocket guides. They even have an app so you can be annoying and look up fish when your in-laws take you out for dinner. Not that I've ever done that.

Image via ciamabue/Flickr

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