Starbucks Concedes: Size Really Does Matter

starbucksWho knew a mere 12 ounces could cause such a commotion?

Starbucks has been in a bit of hot water after its customers discovered that the redesigned menu boards at its drive-through locations did not list Tall 12-oz. coffee drinks. The larger, more expensive sizes -- Grande (16 oz.) and Venti (20 oz.) -- were prominently displayed, but Tall was left off even though the size was still available.

Angry customers have accused the coffee chain of everything from trickery and deception to extortion and foul play. (Sheesh, overreact much?) And, Starbucks took their complaints seriously and is waving the white flag.

It's not often you see the corporate giant on the defensive -- which is exactly why this story is so very entertaining.


In response to customers' claims that they were being tricked into spending more at the drive-through, a spokesperson from Starbucks explained that they were simply trying to simplify the menu (by shortening it from 70 drinks to 25), which is what customers had requested in the first place:

"We are not being sneaky .... We did it because our customers were frustrated with the difficulty of reading our drive-through menus."

But when customers didn't buy that line of defense, Starbucks caved and announced that it will be bringing Tall drinks back to the menu boards. Simplification be damned!

The clear takeaway from this sticky situation? It's that Starbucks customers are so suspicious of the coffee chain's motives that they actually expect the coffee chain to cheat them.

I guess that's what it gets for charging $4 per beverage.

What do you think of the hullabaloo over Tall drinks?


Image via JoshSemans/Flickr

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