Sorry Starving People, Give Me a Gourmet Sandwich

Most Expensive Cheese SandwichHow much would you pay for a cheese sandwich?

$5? $20?

Keep going ... the world's most expensive cheese sandwich carries price tag of 110 pounds, or roughly $168.

For a cheese sandwich.

Sure, it sounds like a really good one, and it comes complete with 100-year-old balsamic vinegar, white-truffle laced cheddar and a gold-powder dusting.

But it's also a choking hazard -- because it comes complete with a big hunk of GUILT too.


According to, there are currently more than 1.02 BILLION people in the world who are starving.

More than 23,000 human beings died today alone because they didn't have enough food.

So how anyone could justify such an extravagance on something they eat and digest gives me indigestion.

To be fair, the chef, Martin Blunos, created it for a cheese show, and as far I can tell you can't actually purchase one off any menu, even if you could justify it.

But extreme-priced food seems to be a trend of sorts in the food world. Not long ago I wrote about  the world's most expensive sushi, which costs more than $4,000; Kim wrote about a $70 hot dog.

People want bigger and better and bragging rights, but at what cost? 

Sure, just because you don't buy such an item, a hungry person isn't going to be fed; and everyone indulges sometimes.

But to promote such extreme edible extravagance seems to not just turn a blind eye to a huge problem, but to thumb a big cheesy nose at it.

And wouldn't a nice grilled cheese on Wonder Bread taste better, anyway?

Would you ever spend $168 on sandwich? Do you think anyone should?

Image via Daily Mail

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