Lady Gaga Is So Unoriginal -- People Have Been Wearing Food for Ages!

melting chocolate bar
Lady Gaga's next dress material?
Lady Gaga
's meat dress caused quite a stir at the VMAs last weekend, but it also proved "edible clothing" is not just kinky pillow talk.

By accepting her award garbed in meat, Gaga shined a spotlight on the art of wearing food, which has been around longer than you might think.

From top designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier, whose show "Pain Couture" included bread dresses, to celebrities passionately supporting causes and regular Joes who want to make a stir on the Internet, edible clothing is nothing new. Subway Restaurants even recently took a step in the food-fashion direction by endorsing its sandwich and cookie packaging in a fashion show.

Here are five edible, wearable favorites.


Take these chocolate dresses, for example. They even have chocolate underwear -- and chocolate antlers -- if you're feeling so bold.

You probably can't wear the burger sneaker in this Delish gallery, but you could try on the spaghetti dress (with meatball necklace) if you wanted to proudly display your Italian heritage or if you wanted to definitively declare to the world you're not afraid of carbs.

Have a sweet tooth? How about some candy unmentionables? (PS: Men have options, too!)

Cloris Leachman literally wore vegetarianism on her sleeve in a cabbage gown in an ad for PETA. That image in and of itself is worth a visit, but this Urlesque post also has a cupcake gown and assorted meat items. (See, Gaga? You're not the first.)

Prefer something less cumbersome? This Fruit Roll-Up dress may be more your style.

And ... even if real food doesn't do it for you, there are still plenty of faux food options.

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