10 Foods to Avoid on a First Date

spaghettiI'm sure you spent a lot of time thinking about what to wear on your first dinner date with a special someone, but you might want to spend some extra time thinking about your menu selection as well -- that dress you spent so much time deciding on won't look quite as hot with spaghetti sauce sprinkled on it.

Here are 10 foods that are best if they're avoided -- at least until the second date.


Spaghetti: Thanks to Disney's Lady and the Tramp, spaghetti is now fantasized as a romantic meal. Nothing screams romance quite like a noodle halfway hanging out of your mouth while you hover above your plate to try and save face. I don't care how good you may be at twiddling the spaghetti around your fork, you're bound to make a little splatter at some point.

Ribs: Show me a person that can eat ribs without being messy and I'll show you a leprechaun doing a jig while eating ribs.

Corn on the Cob: An instant buzzkill is smiling with lust at someone only to have them smile back with corn stuck between their teeth.

corn on the cob
Spinach: Same with corn on the cob, it has an impeccable way of hanging on to the tooth enamel. It's the worst feeling in the world to look in the mirror after the date only to find that little green piece slated right between your teeth.

Cheesy Pizza: I've been at fault for this so many times, you'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now. Pizza is such a laid-back food that, ideally, it makes it perfect for a casual first date. But that stringy cheese gets me every time.

Anything Super Spicy: You may be trying to impress your date with how hot you can take it -- I'm talking about the food, get your mind out of the gutter -- but nothing is hot about eyes tearing up and nostrils dripping.

Mexican: Not so much the food, but the effect that this type of food tends to have on the body. You know where I'm going with this.

Mexican food

Garlic Bread: Unless you have mints that you can immediately pop, it's best to lay low on the garlic, just in case he leans in for that goodnight kiss.

Ice Cream: This may surprise you, but I'm only adding this to the list because it's happened to me, so take it more as cautionary. The flavor of ice cream a person chooses supposedly shows what kind of person they are; hence, when I ordered vanilla, my date called me boring. You've been warned.

Lobster: Not only will you look like a diva by ordering probably the most expensive thing on the menu, but the little bib doesn't add much to your sexy dress and it's hard to crack open a lobster without sending juices across the table.

Are there any foods that you try to avoid on first dates?


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