9 Foods That Can Kill Your Sex Drive


corn flakes
Oooh, corn flakes, that's SO HOT!
We've all heard about aphrodisiac foods that enhance your libido. You could probably plan dinner around them: oysters, peppers, chocolate, pomegranates ...

But what about anaphrodisiacs, foods that kill your libido? Are there foods that make you say "not tonight, honey," foods which we should feed our teens instead of abstinence courses?

Oh yes, of course there are ...

1. Licorice. Who would have thought? According to 11points.com, licorice contains phytoestrogens, which lower testosterone. And if you think that as a woman this doesn't affect you, think again: Testosterone is found in both sexes and is key to everyone's sexual desire. Fortunately, you have to eat a lot for the phytoestrogens to have a significant effect. Still, maybe that edible licorice girdle isn't such a good idea after all?

Guess which foods monks have traditionally eaten in order to kill their earthly desires?  

2. Soy and  

3. Cilantro. Soy in particular can lower testosterone. Cilantro's real effects are less known, but that makes you re-think Mexican and Vietnamese food, doesn't it?

4. Another testosterone-shrinker is mint. This is tragic news for those suffering from halitosis.

5. Tonic water. The main ingredient in tonic water, quinine, also lowers testosterone. So much for those summertime gin and tonics.

6. Corn flakes. Before he created his breakfast cereal empire, John Harvey Kellogg was a Seventh-Day Adventist, a doctor at a sanatorium, and an advocate of sexual abstinence. He created corn flakes to dampen carnal urges. This is also the same guy who regularly prescribed circumcision to prevent masturbation ... like that worked.

7. Graham crackers were invented by Reverend Sylvester Graham for the same purpose. Mmm, dry and wholesome! In fact, too much fiber in general will cause bloating and gas, two unhappy conditions that usually take the wind out of anyone's sexual sails (or at the very least, those of your sexual partner).

8. Too much sugar and fat can lead to blocked artery walls, and that can keep blood from flowing to your genitals.

9. Finally, no one ever likes hearing this, but we all know it's true: too much alcohol makes the go-go slow. Yes, it lowers your inhibitions, but after one or two drinks it becomes a depressant, so go light. Alas, another strike against gin and tonics!

What foods kill the mood for you?

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Carey... Carey2006

Interesting......I would say onions cuz of the bad breathe.....

sstepph sstepph

Wow, Never heard any of that before! =)

frysh... fryshannon34

Hmmm very interesting!

lexi813 lexi813

really corn flakes? thats so interesting!

Danny-Cora A. Quintans


nonmember avatar Abe

Ive never heard of that. Lol, I dont have that problem with alcohol and I drink like a fish. Most of the other stuff I dont like. I think it is just another made up list. The only things I like are licorice, corn flakes and alcohol.

Tracys2 Tracys2

I love cilantro. My life is perfectly fine without testosterone, but I can't imagine it without cilantro.

Fiber... hmmm.... if fiber is the issue with cereals and graham crackers, then a lot of other foods must similarly fall. If there's something else in corn flakes and graham that are the "secret ingredient", first, I'm curious what it is. And then I'm kind of impressed how they discovered it back then.

(The soy, I buy that, there is even scientific reasoning there. WTG monks!)

ms.sw... ms.swickle

New  image of Tony the Tiger comes to mind, wierd but thanks for the info..

MamaC... MamaCortney

Seriously, Corn Flakes??? Is it the bran? and graham crakers?? Ha Ha will have to use that next time (I read this to the hubby)..."Sorry Honey, not tonight I just ate some graham crackers" LOL

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