Bizarre Wedding Cake Trend: A Pile of Cheese

cheese wedding cakeCheese might be one of my top five favorite foods. I could eat an entire package of Havarti with crackers in one sitting ... not that I have or anything ...

But, I can honestly say that I don't love cheese to the extent of creating my wedding cake out of it.

No, not cheesecake, a cheese cake. And yes, they do exist. And they are for people who really, really like cheese.


Smoked cheddar stacked on top of bleu cheese, atop a nice brie with florals sticking out of it. How beautiful. Or maybe Gouda topped with a soft goat's cheese that the groom and bride adornment can rest snugly on, that sounds nice. They're actually quite trendy overseas and are starting to become popular here in the States, mostly thanks to the recession.

It's definitely a unique idea, and you usually pair cheeses with wines at parties, so why not, right? But who can really eat that much cheese (and yes, fine, I admit it. So I have eaten a cake-slice size of cheese, but that doesn't mean I should have).

cheese wedding cake

So who'd be up for cutting the cheese [cake] at their wedding? (I know, I'm a 12-year-old in a 25-year-old body, couldn't help myself).


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