'Top Chef DC': Singapore Shenanigans

top chef singaporeWell, it's official, folks.

After last night's penultimate episode of Top Chef, I can honestly say I don't give a crap who wins Season 7. Wait. I take that back. I don't care who wins -- as long as it isn't Angelo.


*Spoilers below.*

That's not to say I don't think these chefs are talented -- I do. Tom Colicchio even commented that last night's Singapore-inspired meal was the best food they've had all season. And, I certainly believe that to be true.

But I'm not rooting for any one chef going into the finale. And with any reality competition show, having a favorite is all part of the fun. Rooting against contestants doesn't count.

The episode opens with the remaining four chefs -- Ed, Kelly, Angelo, and Kevin -- arriving in Singapore and eating their way through the city's food carts with KT Seetoh, “King of Singapore Street Food." Afterward, it's Quickfire time! They must prepare a version of Singapore street food using only a wok.

At this point, I'm starting to get annoyed with Kevin -- and it's not because of the stupid hat he's wearing. He tells us -- and the judges -- that he's never used a wok before. So lemme get this straight: You make it all the way to Top Chef finals, which you know is being held in Singapore, and you don't even try to practice using a wok? To echo Padma, "What's wrong with him?"

He's almost as annoying as Angelo, who reminds us over and over again that he knows Asian cooking. We heard you the first 47 times, dude!

Ed wins the QF (and immunity), blah blahs about how great it is to beat Angelo at his own game, and then proceeds to grow the biggest ego of all time. And to think I actually used to like this guy!

It's more of the same during the Elimination Challenge in which the chefs, working as a team, must cook Singapore-inspired dishes for Food and Wine Editor Dana Cowin: Angelo's either reminding us about his Asian cooking skills or freaking out; Kevin can't figure out why his cockles aren't opening; Kelly cuts her finger; and Ed is a giant pompous jerk.

In the end, Ed wows everyone with his sweet and sour pork and banana chili fritters and wins. Kelly is sent home for her fishy soup and unmemorable prawns -- leaving us with yet another female-less Top Chef finale. (Remember when Jennifer had to pack her knives last season?)

I would never argue that they should have kept Kelly around just to have a woman in the finale; last night's judgement seemed more than fair and Kelly's food has always sort of bored me compared to the other chefs'. But had Tiffany stuck around, I think we would be looking at a much more exciting season finale.

As it is, I simply don't care.

Who do you want to win the Top Chef Season 7 finale?


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