Testicle Eating and 5 Other Strange Food Festivals

donkeyIt takes some balls to enter a contest to eat some balls, but that's just what contestants in the Ball Cup, held in Serbia last month, did.

More than 200 brave souls participated in the contest, which was part of the seventh annual World Testicle Cooking Championship.

From donkey balls to shark testicles, they cooked them all up ... and ate them.

Eww  ... and why?

People like to eat gross things:

"I just like eating weird stuff," one participant told AOL News. "When I read about this on the Internet last year I had to go. I had a feeling it would be completely insane, and that was proved right."

And apparently there's a large contingent of people just like her as evidenced by the plethora of interesting food festivals around the world. Here are a few others to whet (or kill) your appetite:


1. Spamarama Austin, Tex., is the home of this gathering of to celebrate the iconic meat in a can. From a Spam cook off to the Spamalympics, you can get more than your share of it -- especially if you enter the Spamburger eating contest.

2. Tunarama Festival Held in Australia this is a festival focused on, you guessed it -- tuna. From a tuna toss to fireworks, the chicken of the sea is celebrated ... and has been since 1960.

3. La Tomatina Held in Valencia, Spain, it's basically one big food fight. Sure there's music and a parade and a paella-cooking contest, but the real draw for the attendees is throwing tomatoes at each other. Check them out in action:

4. West Virginia Roadkill Contest Just like the name implies, contestants cook up some roadkill to try to win the title. From the official rules:

1.  All entries must have, as their main ingredient, any animal commonly found dead on the side of the road groundhog, opossum, deer, rabbit, squirrel, snake, etc. Pigs, cows, chickens, horses, and goats are also in that category. However, it need not actually come off the side of the road (and most of the judges would prefer that it didn't).

5. Turkey Testicle Festival Yep, more balls, but this one in Huntley, Ill., gets specific about the species -- gobble, gobble. The festival's slogan: "Enjoy a cold brew, great music and hot nuts."

Have you ever been to a strange food festival?

Image via moose.boy/Flickr



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