Marijuana for Dinner? Americans Finally Find a Way to Eat Enough Greens

marijuana foodMmmm ... looks delicious ... but is that a ... ? Really?

A San Francisco chef is getting diners loaded with his genius marijuana cuisine. Frederick H. Nesbitt is a trained chef and owner of his own catering company called, quite fittingly, Cannabis Catering. It serves elegant meals with multiple courses -- all laced with pot.

The best news? There's not a brownie in sight.


A typical meal by Cannabis Catering might include beef with Guinness-hash demi-glace, mashed potatoes with THC butter, and creme brulee infused with lemon-pot tincture and garnished with dried bud.

Nesbitt's concept sounds innocent enough: He wanted to make "healing food" that people who need medical marijuana could enjoy without inhaling smoke or consuming high-sugar pot brownies or cookies. And, it's perfectly legal. Nesbitt requires all customers to have a medical marijuana card.

Each dinner contains the equivalent of three to five pot cookies, although Nesbitt is still experimenting with the exact amounts. He explains:

The first one I did, people got so loaded that they literally had to be helped out to their cabs. I want you to be knocked down but I don't want you to not be able to talk or be hallucinating or in a coma with lipstick on your forehead because you can't find your face. If I've done my job correctly, by the end of the dinner party you will have had about three cookies' worth of pot.

So what will this experience run you? About $100 per person, which is pretty reasonable when you consider you won't have to pay for munchies later on.

Would you try marijuana-laced food?


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