Poop Cake: The Food Joke Gone Incredibly Wrong

A post office manager in Cape Coral, Florida, thought the perfect way to make staffers feel better about a poor rating from a mystery shopper was to bake a cake.

So far so good, right? Except this manager didn't bake just any cake -- she baked a cake that looked like human waste.

It almost sounds like something Michael Scott would do, doesn't it?


On Saturday afternoon, the line to the post office was out the door. Among those in the line was a "mystery shopper," a fake customer who reports back to management on how the post office staff handled customer service. Because that mystery shopper had to wait more than 25 minutes -- even though the office was understaffed that day -- the post office score dropped to a 75 instantly. The final score, for whatever reason, ended up a 48 out of 100 -- in other words, a very "poopy" score.

Like a scene from The Office, the poop cake had disastrous consequences -- employees were outraged and the U.S. Postal Service had to issue an apology. The Southwest Florida President of the American Postal Workers Union wasn't pleased either.

Although ... if you think about it, the poop cake probably made everyone at the Cape Coral branch forget about the poor rating ... so maybe it served its purpose after all?

Do postal employees in Cape Coral need to lighten up? Or was the poop cake really in -- no pun intended -- poor taste?

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