Screaming Children Banned From Restaurant!


restaurantHere's proof that rampant discrimination in the restaurant industry is alive and well.

A North Carolina restaurant has pissed off some parents by posting a couple of signs that read:

"Screaming Children Will NOT Be Tolerated!"

This restaurant owner should be ashamed! To deny a child service based on perceived or actual bad manners is, quite frankly, behaviorist!

This situation is absolutely disgraceful! Except for the fact that the restaurant owner, who adopted the new policy, is only trying to look out for her other customers. She explained:

"We want to attract the type of people that come in knowing they aren't going to have to sit behind a table with a bunch of screaming children."

And, to be fair, she also points out that if a child is screaming, he/she won't be kicked out for good. Instead, a member of the restaurant staff will simply request that the parents take the child outside until the tantrum has subsided.

Many regulars welcomed the sign; but other customers were not so happy. One mom of two had this response:

"I've never seen a restaurant say, don't bring your screaming kids in here .... You can't help it if your kids scream."

As long as the restaurant doesn't advertise itself to be family-friendly, I don't see why a policy that requires inside-voices only would be so offensive. Still, there are some other ways the owner might have handled the situation more tactfully ... a more polite sign perhaps?

Would you be offended by this sign?


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ethan... ethans_momma06

No. It's not like they are saying your kid can't be there. They can, they just have to keep their voice lowered. If any patron (regardless of age) started screaming I would expect them to be asked to leave.

xavie... xavierlogan09

no. people shouldn't have to pay to sit down and here kids scream. most people who go out to dinner want to have a nice quiet dinner. although i'm a mother i find it disruptive when children scream in stores and restaurants. 

MarGeee MarGeee

While I have been to resteraunts with my screaming kids,I always take care to remove them when they are throwing their fits in respect to my fellow diners.

mommy... mommysilver

I agree with ethans_momma.  I have been in a restaurant when in the booth next to mine was a screaming toddler.  The thing is though...the mom actually thought it was funny that her child was doing this.  Whether we want to admit it or not, there are some awful parents out there!!!  Most parents would try to calm the child down, and if that did not work...would take them outside until they calmed down.  Unfortunately, we have yet another set of rules being inflicted on us because of a minority of horrible people!frustrated

hotic... hoticedcoffee

My feeling is, if the owner felt is was necessary to post a sign, there was probably a need.  There is one restaurant in my town that's known for being kid-friendly to the point of insanity - think Chuck E. Cheese, in sit down restaurant form.  It's not what the owner intended for his establishment, but that's what it turned into thanks to a bunch of parents who go mob-mentality when it came to how badly their kids were behaving.  We ate there exactly once, a few years ago, and my son (3 at the time) asked to leave before dessert because it was so loud.

I don't see any problem with a restaurant expecting diners to be civilized.  I think it's sad that this place even needed a sign - if you're kid is screaming in a restaurant, good parenting should tell you to take your kid outside.

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

I would be offended by the sign and I wouldn't go to the restaurant even without my child. If I went to a restaurant and my toddler was screaming (an extremely unlikely scenario :)) I would take her outside. The sign is implying that I, as an adult and a mother, don't know what kind of behavior is appropriate and respectful to others in a restaurant. What if they had a sign up that said, "Defecating on the Floor Will Not Be Tolerated!" or "Taking Your Shirt Off and Dancing Topless On the Table Will Not Be Tolerated!" or "Slapping Your Waitress Will Not Be Tolerated!" or "Screaming at Your Boyfriend Will Not Be Tolerated!" ... Isn't that kind of insulting?

texba... texbabe80

I would be very offended and you should be too!  Women have enough of a hard time in as it is.  To add this insult to injury would be the last straw for me.  The sign has nothing to do with children.  It goes directly to the effectiveness of the mother as a parent. It is meant to add shame to a mother who, for a brief period of time, might want to actually eat on real plates.  This sign will immediately bring attention to the parent, along with the stares and jeers from other customers who don't have kids.  It's discrimination with a social slap in the face to boot.  And what if the mother is breastfeeding?  Will there be another sign saying "breast feeding will not be tolerated."?  I have experienced some social censure in my time, whether it was in supermarkets, restaurants or pretty much anywhere. However, I refuse to let someone else make me feel guilty.  If someone looks at me the wrong way, I will say something as should all women with children.  Does that make me a bad parent and role model?  I don't think so.  I think it teaches my kids to be strong and not to let anybody bully them.

nonmember avatar nonmember

Bottom line is this - a parent should know their child's demeanor and behavior abilities. I have friends' whose children can't behave at home and when they take them to a public place like a park or restaurant or play-date, they act astonished that their child is a screaming banshee maniac. If your child is not well-behaved at home you shouldn't take that child to places like restaurants where people spend money to enjoy a night out quite possibly while their own children are at home with a sitter. Get a babysitter if you feel the need to eat out. It's not an insult. I will say however that a child's behavior is really a statement of parenting - so if you're offended, there is probably just cause for that feeling.

MomIWant MomIWant

I agree there must have been a problem and that some people just don't have the common sense to remove their screaming child from the area.  I would not be offended.  Just a thought, but the problem that caused the owner to put up the sign could have been when a DAD took his kids in. :)

nonmember avatar SKL

I'm embarrassed that it had to be said at all. Obviously some parents think their children should be allowed to scream anywhere. That's the shame.

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