Screaming Children Banned From Restaurant!

restaurantHere's proof that rampant discrimination in the restaurant industry is alive and well.

A North Carolina restaurant has pissed off some parents by posting a couple of signs that read:

"Screaming Children Will NOT Be Tolerated!"

This restaurant owner should be ashamed! To deny a child service based on perceived or actual bad manners is, quite frankly, behaviorist!


This situation is absolutely disgraceful! Except for the fact that the restaurant owner, who adopted the new policy, is only trying to look out for her other customers. She explained:

"We want to attract the type of people that come in knowing they aren't going to have to sit behind a table with a bunch of screaming children."

And, to be fair, she also points out that if a child is screaming, he/she won't be kicked out for good. Instead, a member of the restaurant staff will simply request that the parents take the child outside until the tantrum has subsided.

Many regulars welcomed the sign; but other customers were not so happy. One mom of two had this response:

"I've never seen a restaurant say, don't bring your screaming kids in here .... You can't help it if your kids scream."

As long as the restaurant doesn't advertise itself to be family-friendly, I don't see why a policy that requires inside-voices only would be so offensive. Still, there are some other ways the owner might have handled the situation more tactfully ... a more polite sign perhaps?

Would you be offended by this sign?


Image via greenkozi/Flickr

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