Burger King Versus McDonald's: Which Has Better Breakfast?

burger king crossanwich
Burger King's CROSSAN'WICH
Despite the constant onslaught of evidence that eating breakfast is crucial for weight loss and maintaining a healthy diet, many people are still skipping the most important meal of the day. But don't worry: It's Burger King to the rescue!

The fast food chain announced it is adding nine breakfast items -- including mini blueberry biscuits and pancake platters -- as well as a marketing campaign with six television ads to advertise the new products.

As you probably guessed, Burger King has a most ambitious goal for the roll-out of its new morning menu ...


To take over at least some of McDonald's morning business -- which accounts for one-fourth of its overall revenue.

According to BK's Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Kappitt, "People are entrenched when it comes to breakfast." By talking up the new BK breakfast products, the ad campaign is aimed at getting people to change their daily habits -- first, by convincing the breakfast naysayers that eating in the morning is a good idea, and then by persuading them to choose Burger King over McDonald's.

See? Extraordinarily ambitious.

Would anyone really choose Burger King over McDonald's for breakfast -- even with the addition of these new products? Let's look at the options:

Sample Burger King Breakfast: Mini blueberry biscuits with icing dipping sauce; ciabatta sandwich with eggs, ham, bacon cheese, and tomatoes; iced Seattle's Best Coffee.

Sample McDonald's Breakfast: Bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddle; hash browns; McCafe Mocha Frappe.

Burger King's new items are tempting, but I'm too obsessed with McD's Frappe. And did someone say hash browns?

What do you think? Where would you rather eat breakfast: Burger King or McDonald's?


Image via BK.com

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