Admit It, You Love Being Told What to Eat

jamie oliverHow else to explain the wild popularity of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, which has just been renewed for a second season? Jamie has become to food what Supernanny Jo Frost is to child-rearing: an English-speaking outsider who can see us from a fresh perspective, act shocked episode after episode, and set us all on a better path. And apparently we can't get enough of this formula. The Emmy-winning series had about 5.5 million of you watching every Friday night last season.

So why did we enjoy this foodie-tough-love show so much?


There are three kinds of Food Revolution viewers who have made this show a success:

1. Those of you who kinda know you eat for crap and need a swift kick in the pants from a charming guy to help you change your ways. Jamie to the rescue! Not only does he make eating healthy look tasty and easy, he also eases your guilt by showing why making better food choices is so difficult in the US. See? It's not your fault. Now get out those veggies!

2. Those of you who love getting riled up and shouting back at the television. After a long, stressful day of traffic, office politics, arguing over homework, and bedtime chaos, yelling back at Jamie Oliver (via your television set) is a safe and satisfying way to blow off steam. Also, you can't believe the nerve of this guy! Coming here to tell you how to eat! Better keep tabs on him before he tries to change the Constitution while he's at it.

3. The converted, who are inspired by Jamie and take comfort that they have a handle on at least one aspect of their lives. Okay, so the homeschooling experiment isn't quite working out and you're still figuring out how to buy organic and pay your utility bill. But at least you're feeding your family right, and Jamie's got your back!

Will you be tuning in to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution this season?

Image via ABC

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