World's Longest Pizza Stretches More Than Half a Mile!

The longest pizza on record stretches to a staggering 445 yards. Can you even imagine how many gallons of beer it would take to wash that baby down?

Now, a chef in Krakow, Poland, is attempting to smash the current world record with a seriously elongated pizza pie that reaches 1093 yards. (This is something I might expect out of the Italians, but the Poles? Curious.)

world's longest pizza

Guess how many pounds of flour it called for?


Oh, not that much ... just a mere three and a half tons of flour. (I don't even want to know how many pounds of cheese went on top.)

The official rules state that for a pizza to qualify as the longest, it must be one continuous piece. That's why, in order to bake this monstrosity, the chef made a movable oven to inch its way over each section of the crust. Brilliant!

While we wait to see if the Guinness Book folks decide if this attempt to break the world record has been successful, watch this clip and decide for yourself.


Image via BBC News


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