Burger King Sold to Brazilian Company: Can I Get Beans on My Burgers Now?

Burger KingBurger King, the beloved American fast food chain with the creepy mascot, has officially been sold to a 3G Capital, a Brazilian investment company.

Hmm ... I guess all those marketing efforts for the Whopper Fragrance and 2,530-calorie Pizza Burger failed. Shocking.


Since the news is hot off the griddle (ooh!), details about what this means for those Whopper-lovin' folks is still unknown.

Our southern neighbors in Latin and South America will undoubtedly see a surge of BK restaurants opening (welcome to our world of gluttony), but I can only hope that the franchise's menu will have a little zesty Brazilian inspiration added to it since that's what the investment company usually goes after. How tasty does a Spicy Beef & Black Bean Burger sound? Maybe throw some pork sandwiches onto the menu and have the option to substitute fries for rice.

And I can only pray that the Brazilians are smart enough to get rid of that giant-headed mascot. At least turn him into something cooler -- like a Samba-dancing king.

I promise, I will renounce my fast food dedication to McDonald's if they do that.

What are your thoughts on the BK exchange? Would you want to see some Brazilian changes to the menu?


Image via cgo2/Flickr

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