Ladies Night Is Safe in New York, But Is It a Good Idea?

ladies night legalSome guy who thought it just wasn't fair that ladies drink free, or at a discount, just lost his case in a federal appeals court. I'll drink to that.

While the pursuant, who is described as "anti-feminist," does seem a little bit cranky about the whole discrimination issue, it did make me think twice about how great of an idea ladies night at a bar really is, for us ladies.

In college there was one bar in particular that tapped a keg and invited the female drinkers upstairs to drain it at no cost every Thursday night. Yes, I attended on more than one occasion. Yes, I drank to excess. No, it didn't always end well. (Except that one time ...)

Of course the free beer for ladies is simply a lure to get more gals out at the bar, so the boys will flock there as well. That's what I'm not a fan of, at all.


This isn't the 1960s where women are still expected to be lightweights, non-partying, good girls that need to be tricked into drinking heavily so we'll have sex. We know where the bar is, and we often frequent saloons. Sure I like a free drink as much as the next gal, but by encouraging massive binge drinking before they let the boys in, or even as a lure to get boys in the door, isn't empowering, it's kind of gross.

Setting us ladies up with a set of beer goggles isn't doing us any favors. It is, however, helping out the schmoes who want to take advantage of us in that state.

So I'll buy my own drink, thank you very much. But for the rest of you who want to take advantage of the ladies night, just grab your free cocktail and run -- before the wolves are allowed in the door.

Image via Wha'ppen/Flickr

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