Movie Popcorn and Other Foods I Want to Eat in Denial

movie popcornThe Food and Drug Administration is set on getting this country healthy, and I'm totally on board with their new law to make chain restaurants post nutritional statistics for menu items. I think forcing us to at least acknowledge how much we're eating is a positive step.

But now they're going beyond restaurants and requiring other places that serve food -- like convenience stores, airplanes and movie theatres -- to post the stats too. Good in theory, but just how far do we want them to go?

There are some situations and the foods that go along with them that are just too sacred to taint with the terrible truth. Here are eight foods I'd rather eat in denial:


Movie Popcorn We know it's bad, but it's part of the experience, and it's dark in there, so I'd rather be in the dark about the actual numbers too.

Birthday Cake I mean someone was born on that day, you have to celebrate with them, right?  Calorie counts would just be rude.

Office Donuts They're free, they're sitting there tempting you, and you're at work -- you deserve them, not the guilt.

Wedding Cake (see birthday cake)

Thanksgiving Dinner While you're not likely to invite the FDA to your feast, Imagine if your mom posted little calorie counts next to the mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Post-party Food After a night of drinking, nothing helps a hangover like greasy food. It's almost like medicine of sorts, and one shouldn't be made to feel guilty for taking care of oneself.

Grocery Store Samples I may never in my life buy a pre-packaged frozen cheeseburger on a bun, but if they're handing out samples, sure I'll try one ... or two, plus the full-fat ice cream, plus the pie-of-the-day from the bakery -- it's just a taste after all. I have no idea how many calories I consume by checkout, and I don't want to.

Anything While You're on Vacation Somehow, anywhere you go on vacation the numbers should be banished from your sight. You've got to live a little sometimes.

Which foods would you rather eat in denial?

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