Our Picks for 'Top Chef' All-Star Edition (Michael Isabella Is Not One of Them)

spike mendelsohn
Remember this guy?
The rumor is: The next season of Top Chef is shooting right this second! And if all the gossip is to be believed, it sounds like it's going to be an All-Star version set in New York City. (Two years ago there was an All-Star Christmas special, but sources think this one will be longer.)

Several names have been floated as part of the All-Star cast including: Angelo Sosa, Tiffany Derry, Spike Mendelsohn, Dale Talde, Tiffani Faison, Steven Asprinio (boo!) and Michael Isabella (double boo!).

Here are few more chefs from past seasons we think should definitely be included on the roster:


Sam Talbot -- He's a great chef, plus, the show could use a little eye candy.

Hung Huynh -- High on entertainment value, this dude always manages to piss everyone off while showing off some mad knife skills.

Casey Thompson/Carla Hall -- As a guest chef, Casey inadvertently sabotaged Carla during the Season 5 finale. Wouldn't it be fascinating to see if Carla takes sweet revenge?

Stephan Richter -- The most arrogant Top Chef of all time definitely keeps his competitors on their toes (and all the fans rolling their eyes).

Fabio Viviani -- Because Stephan would probably cry without his best Italian bud.

The Voltaggios -- The tension between the two brothers made for some of the best Top Chef episodes ever.

Stephanie Izard -- Arguably the most talented Top Chef of all time (although, she's probably too busy with her critically acclaimed new restaurant to be involved with the show).

Who do you think should be on Top Chef All Stars?


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