13 Creative Guacamole Recipes for People Bored With the Regular Stuff

I just saw an episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate in which Iron Chef Michael Symon raved about the guacamole at Lopez SouthWestern Food Kitchen in Cleveland. Get this -- it has blue cheese, sage, and bacon. I love guacamole and am very intrigued by this particular spin on it ... but, since I don't think I'll get to Cleveland any time soon, I dug up some unique guacamole recipes to tide myself over.

A bonus: While searching for these recipes, I discovered that September 16 is National Guacamole Day! So ... get yourself some avocados and celebrate with any one of these delectable dips!


Mango Pomegranate Guacamole: For the fruit lover, served with plantain chips.

Like a bit of heat with that fruit? Try Spicy Papaya Guacamole.

Asparagus Guacamole: For the health nut. It's made with yogurt and asparagus spears ... and served with baked tortilla chips.

Kicked Up Guacamole With Lump Crab Meat: Emeril's recipe is for the seafood lover. It also has jicama and got rave reviews on FoodNetwork.com.

Spicy Basil Guacamole: Subs traditional cilantro for basil.

Guacamole With Margarita Coulis: For anyone who needs a drink.

BLT Guacamole: The traditional sandwich gets guacamolized.

Cranberry Guacamole: Looking for a way to integrate guacamole into Christmas dinner? This is it.

What's more, the California Avocado Commission has a host of regional variations on its site. Check these out:

Cajun Guacamole: Forget Georgia. It's perfect for anyone who has Louisiana on their mind.

Greek Guacamole: If your husband wants Mexican food but you want a Greek salad, this is one compromise that'll leave you both happy.

Japanese Guacamole: If you can't decide between sushi and Mexican cuisine, consider combining the flavors like this.

French Guacamole: With shallot, vermouth, and tarragon, it's Mexico City meets Paris.

Italian Guacamole: With sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts, you'll swear for a second that you're Julia Roberts.

What's your favorite guacamole?

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