Be a George Foreman Gourmet in 3 Easy Ways

george foreman recipesI admit I felt I was somehow failing as a cook when we registered for a George Foreman grill. After all, sports hero endorsed foods usually come with a drive-thru window. However, that grill made many a tasty pork chop when we were living in an apartment, with no outdoors for a real grill.

Some people take the Foreman up a notch to create seriously amazing dishes that no one would guess got their start from a wacky idea in a professional fighter's mind. 

Here are three fancy things you can make on the Foreman, but should pretend it took a lot more time and effort:


Grilled Lebanese Flatbread

In time for Ramadan, this incredibly easy basic bread recipe gets even easier when you plug in the Foreman and let it grill the snack starting dish for you. Sure you don't get the black stripes, but piping hot bread from the Foreman covered in hummus is an impressive feat.

Shrimp and Scallop Kabobs with Chorizo Corn Relish

From the man himself, this fancy app will dazzle your foodie guests. You don't need to be afraid of seafood when you're using the Foreman -- it cooks all the way through with the advantage of heat on both sides.

Brother Jimmy's Breakfast Sandwich

I've only ever made this on my Foreman. When you have guests that sleep over, this shows that you know how to make your company feel comfortable and appreciated. But you don't have to go light the grill outside to do so.

What do you cook on your George Foreman?

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