Ultimate Fast Food Chicken Taste Test: The Winner Is ...

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has rolled out a new test taste ad campaign (per SlashFood) in which it pits itself against the finger-lickin' goodness at KFC.

I haven't been to KFC in years -- not even after the brouhaha inspired by the KFC Double Down -- and I've never been to Popeyes, so I figured I was about as impartial as it gets and that I'd do my own Taste Test to see if I agreed with the highly biased folks at Popeyes. And, just in case, I enlisted my Better Half (who has been to Popeyes before) to provide additional data (and to help me eat chicken).


We ordered a standard three-piece meal that came with a biscuit as well as Popeyes' Buffalo Nuggets. They were dirt cheap -- $3.49 for the meal and $2.99 for the nuggets -- but I gotta say ordering was a bit confusing as the restaurant in my neighborhood had giant signs in the windows screaming these deals, but not a peep about them on the actual menu ... so I had to keep turning my head behind me to make sure I was ordering the right thing.

We also opted for "spicy" as we like to live dangerously.

The verdict?

Not bad.

My Better Half said he liked the breading because it wasn't soggy. He was right -- it wasn't -- but I was more fixated on the heat. It's a good thing my mother made me eat spicy food as a kid -- the spicy chicken at Popeyes is not for the faint of heart. (But, mind you, it wasn't so spicy that I couldn't enjoy my food ...)

We were supposed to get Buffalo sauce with our Buffalo Nuggets, but ended up with Ranch instead. It was fine -- although there was nothing particularly noteworthy about it for anyone who has ever had prepackaged Ranch dressing before. I offered to get some hot sauce from the refrigerator to make things interesting, but my Better Half refused, saying we had to use only Popeyes ingredients in our test.

For what it's worth, he was a big fan of the nuggets -- said they were better than McDonald's. I'll say they certainly tasted more complex (read: spicy).

My favorite part, however, was the biscuit. My Better Half said his was too salty, but I didn't mind. It was nice and buttery and almost flaky -- everything a biscuit should be ... short of making it yourself.

So, while I probably won't eat at Popeyes again for awhile, it's on my radar now ... and if I'm ever hankering for fried chicken (fast), there'll definitely be some internal debate now between Louisiana and Kentucky.

What's your favorite quick-serve chicken joint?

Image via suhakri_hsu/Flickr

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