5 Secret Recipes for Old-Fashioned Sodas

fountain shakeAh, Labor Day Weekend, the last gasp of summer! Hopefully you're taking some time off to hang out with your family and friends, which means maybe you have time to set up your own old-fashioned soda fountain. Sounds complicated? Not at all! Most fountain drinks are so simple, they used to hire teenagers to make 'em.

Gather your tall glasses, dear readers. These soda fountain drinks are all really easy to make!


egg creamEver have an egg cream? I did just the other day and I was surprised to find out it has neither eggs nor cream. It's just a big squirt of chocolate syrup followed by the same amount of whole milk. Then you fill the rest of the glass with cold, plain seltzer water (leave room on the top for foam) and stir. It's not for everyone but I liked it.





lime rickeyTo make a non-alcoholic cherry lime Rikey, pour cold seltzer water over cherry syrup (or Grenadine) and Rose's lime juice. Even simpler -- start with Knudsen's black cherry spritzer and then add the lime juice.




milkshakeI like milkshakes just like anyone else -- but I love malted milkshakes even better! Do you usual concoction of favorite ice cream, dash of milk, and whatever else (fresh fruit, candy bars, Guinness ...) in the blender along with about 2 tablespoons of malted powder, available in most grocery stores. Top with whipped cream. And now, let's all sing along: My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard ...




root beer floatWe've been making root beer floats all. Summer. Long. Start with a scoop of vanilla ice cream at the bottom of a tall glass and slowly pour in the root beer. If you do this the other way around it will make a mess. Trust me.






mentos fountainThis one isn't for drinking but your kids will love it: the Mentos fountain. Open a 2-liter bottle of cola (rumor has it Diet Coke works best). Drop in a pack's worth of mint-flavored Mentos. Run far away.




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