Skinny Celebrities Selling Out for Fatty, Fast Food

Paris Hilton in Carl's Jr. commercialNothing makes your mouth water faster than seeing a juicy fast food burger being scarfed down by a hot celebrity.

Whether it's the actual food or the hot celebrity that gets you going, the fact that celebrities are selling these unhealthy products makes me want to scream false advertising.

The thing with endorsements is that the celebrities are actually supposed to use the products -- that's what makes the public flock to buy it. But I have a really hard time believing that these super-skinny celebrities chow down on the greasy fast food.

So we call BS on these seven celebrity fast food chain endorsements:


1. Paris Hilton for Carl's Jr.: There are so many things we'd like to call BS on for this commercial. A. Please tell me who can wash a car while wearing stilettos and not fall, B. How can you eat a burger while simultaneously washing a car, and C. Paris Hilton would never do either one of these things in real life.

2. Jessica Simpson for Pizza Hut: Some people may have a few snarky remarks with this one (hardy har har, so Jess may have gained some weight ... so what?), but while she had her Dukes of Hazzard bod, she also did a Pizza Hut commercial. If you scarf down on pizza, who won't be squeezing into daisy dukes?

3. Britney Spears for McDonald's: Back before the drugs, head-shaving, and umbrella-swinging -- basically back when she was hot -- she, along with her tour buddies N*Sync, encouraged little children to eat unhealthily by endorsing McDonald's and their "hotclips."

4. Rachael Ray for Dunkin' Donuts: Even though it was pulled because it appeared she was supporting terrorism (yeah, I don't really see it either), you know that Miss Gourmet would never drink chain restaurant coffee.

rachael ray dunkin donuts ad

5. Brooke Burke for Burger King: The DWTS co-host had this commercial along with another one in which she was randomly walking around the beach with the creepy mascot. We say BS to both.

6. Kim Kardashian for Carl's Jr.: Okay, so this may be the most realistic one in that it's actually "healthy" food (realistic in the food, not necessarily the over-the-top sexy acting). But I still would bet Kim Kardashian has never ordered from the fast food chain.

7. Charles Barkley for Taco Bell: Bad acting, even worse rapping, and a millionaire excited about a meal because of its cheap value. Come on Taco Bell, how stupid do you think we are?

Which do you think is the least believable? Do you think celebrities should endorse unhealthy foods?


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