Rodents, Maggots & Manure: This Is What's in Your Egg Supply

egg recallIn disgusting food news, a report was released about the horrifying state of the farms where the salmonella-tainted eggs hailed from in Iowa. In addition to the news that the proper safety requirements to prevent salmonella were not followed, inspectors found piles of manure blocking doors that had the added advantage of allowing rodents into the hen house.

Flies too numerous to count, including maggots, covered chickens and surfaces. And the water used to wash the eggs that were exposed to all this sickness was tainted with salmonella.

“Clearly the observations here reflect significant deviations from what’s expected,” said Michael R. Taylor, deputy commissioner for food for the FDA.

Ya think?


More inspections are to come over the next 15 months, and the FDA plans on visiting 600 major egg-producing farms. Let's hope these operations are the exception rather than the rule.

As the egg recall list expands, I'm going to go ahead and just chuck out the remainder of the carton I have, even though it is grass-fed. As with meat before this, I'm going for the local, small farm with eggs from now on. Even with new regulations that went into effect months ago, these farms didn't bother following the rules. Which is sadly typical of large factory farms.

In addition to these disgusting descriptions, the feed mill where the food came from that the chickens consumed was also filled with salmonella. Really, it could have come from anywhere and they have not pinpointed the exact source of the contamination. It all makes me want to barf.

Will these new findings make you pay more for safer eggs?


Image via Darwin Bell/Flickr

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