Baby Carrots to Cheetos: It's ON

baby carrots repackaging
We're coming for you, Cheetos
Is it hard for you to resist the temptations of crunchy, powdery, orange sticks? The people behind baby carrots (who are those people, anyway?) are hoping to run a little bait and switch on Cheeto-loving snackers, with a new marketing campaign.

I have to say I'm impressed with those mystery baby carrot folks.

Instead of resigning themselves to only living in the healthy salad portion of your meals, baby carrots are going after the fast food, junk food piece of the pie by repackaging the goods in snack bags that resemble chips and other unhealthy options. Expect them to pop up in vending machines as baby carrots are not afraid of a fight.

They're even considering sprinkling the carrots with a natural orange powder like their crunchy Cheeto friends. Personally, I believe that's overkill, but I like the way they're thinking!


If only the good-for-you foods were easily accessible and flashy enough to stand out against the backdrop of extreme snacks, perhaps it would influence our subconscious -- and the subconscious of our children -- enough to pick up the veggies.

POM juice made everyone lust after the pricey antioxidant after putting it in a fashionable package, why not baby carrots? (For the record, whole carrots from the farmers' market are still better quality than the baby version.)

Would fancy packaging make you buy carrots over Cheetos?


Image via Dan4th/Flickr

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