These Monster Vegetables Weigh More Than You

I recently saw a slideshow of what The Huffington Post billed "Record-Breaking Vegetables."

As the name implies, these giant vegetables are the biggest in the world (at least according to HuffPo).

I realize this means they theoretically trump all other vegetables in the history of the world, but Alaska -- with up to 20 hours of summer sunlight in the central region -- produces some insanely large vegetables (and fruits) that are showcased at the State Fair.

I used to live in Alaska and so in deference to my former home state (... and to perhaps sway attention from Bristol for a moment ...), below you'll find five giant Alaskan fruits and vegetables from the State Fair (in case you can't travel to the top of the world to see them for yourself). After all, Alaska is the biggest state -- I think giving its biggest produce a fair nod is only fitting ...

Lo and behold -- a 642-pound Green Cabbage:


A Division Champion Pumpkin:

A 90-pound "Vegetable" from North Pole:

A 169-pound Watermelon from Palmer:

A 12-pound Turnip:


How do they measure up? What's the biggest vegetable you've ever seen?

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