Phallic Foods For A Crazy Bachelorette Party!

bachelorette partyI am in the midst of planning a bachelorette party for one of my best girlfriends. Even though she's not a big partier and I will likely plan a tea party or vineyard outing, I can't help but peruse the party dishes that are a bit more promiscuous than tea sandwiches and cheese.

Hey, one day (hopefully) I'll be a bachelorette and will want to consume phallic-shaped foods ... just want to see my options.


To start, munch on baby carrots paired with a white vegetable dip. For the main meal, you can make a meaty (heh) dish with strategically-placed hotdogs and meatballs with a side of penis-shaped penne pasta (say that five times fast). Try making macaweeni and cheese! Teehee.penis pasta

If the bride has a sweet tooth, there are tons of options, such as penis lollipops, cookies, and of course, a penis cake. Make the drinks frisky with sexy ice cubes (or use the molds to make Jello-O shots). Just don't forget the penis straws!

bachelorette party

If you're married, did you have phallic edibles at your bachelorette party? For the single ladies, would you want this sort of thing at yours?


Images via Aprillynn77/Flickr,, Lachlan Hardy/Flickr

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