Cake Obsessed: S'mores Cakelettes Even Better Than the Real Thing

I really was under the impression that there is nothing more perfect (as far as food is concerned) than good old-fashioned s'mores consumed around the campfire -- crunchy graham cracker, melty chocolate, burnt, oozy marshmallow.

But now that I've seen these adorable S'mores Cakelettes from Dessert for Breakfast, I think I may have to amend that statement.

s'mores cake

These cakelettes -- a fancy word for "tiny cake" -- take inspiration from the classic dessert and crank it to 11!


They're luscious layers of graham cracker cake (made from homemade graham crackers!) topped with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate souffle cake topped with Italian meringue (gotta get those marshmallows in there!) topped with dark chocolate ganache-covered graham crackers -- all frosted with burnt, sticky Italian meringue.

Whew. Got all that?

I don't know if I've ever seen something so wonderful.


Image via Desserts for Breakfast

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