Take Back Your Breakfast

breakfast important mealWe all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Yet, somehow that doesn't stop us from rushing out the door, a bar in hand -- if we're lucky.

Instead of getting breakfast on the road, or not at all, start planning a daily family breakfast where every member gets nourished, in every way.

Don't be afraid of the family breakfast!

Smart shopping at the grocery store can help you discover some healthy, and affordable options: Go for grains and fresh foods and leave the sugary stuff on the shelf. You want to fill up your family, not start them off with a sugar high, or a fatty slowdown. No matter how good those caramel cinnamon buns look in the box.

Here are three great reasons to start a family tradition around your dining room table this a.m.:


1. Wake Up

If you skip breakfast, or just opt for coffee, you're going to be dragging mid-morning. Filling up continental or American-style will increase your alertness all the way through lunch. No one can function on an empty stomach, and you're going to need all the energy you can get when you're part of a busy family.

2. Check In With the Fam

Getting some face time with the people you love more than anyone else in the entire universe is the best part of family breakfast. You'll learn how your son feels about heading off to school, and what your husband is dreading at work. Sitting across the table, unplugged, enjoying a healthy breakfast helps ground everyone before what will surely be a hectic day of school, work, and whatever else comes your way.

3. Keep Everyone Healthy

It's no joke that you can get a lot of vitamins and minerals in this one small meal. Breakfast foods tend to be healthier (unless you lived with a fantastic Southern grandmother who thought the sun rose and set on biscuits and gravy) than the calorie-laden quick lunches and heavy dinners. If you stay at home, you'll avoid the high fat and high sodium fast food options that can wreck your diet, and instead control what healthy grains, fruits, and proteins go into everyone's bodies.

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