Cherpumple: It's Like Turducken -- But With Desserts!

Of course, everyone remembers the Turducken, right? It's a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey. Well, imagine replacing all that meat with desserts ... are you picturing the Cherpumple?


It's a cherry pie (cher), a pumpkin pie (pump), and an apple pie (le) each baked inside a cake layer. My blood sugar is already crashing.


The handy video below shows how you can make your very own Cherpumple and give diabetes to all your friends.

It's simple: Bake an (already baked) apple pie into a spice cake; a pumpkin pie into a yellow cake; and, finally, a cherry pie into a white cake. Stack the pie-cake layers on top of each other and frost the whole thing with gobs of whipped cream cheese frosting.

See for yourself:


What would you rather eat: The Cherpumple or The Skinwich?


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