French Condom Soup and Other Vile Food Finds

french onion soupIt was Easter Sunday 2009, when Philip Hodousek went to dine at a local Claimjumpers restaurant with his family. He went to take a bite of his French onion soup, and slurped up a condom instead.

"Suddenly he felt what he believed was tough cheese on one side of his mouth," his lawsuit against the company reads. "When he could not chew it into pieces, (Hodousek) commented to his family that it felt like rubber. He spit it out, spooned it onto a napkin, at which time his wife said 'Oh my God, it's a condom.'"

If that's not gross enough, he had it tested, and results showed there was female DNA on it.

A settlement between Hodousek and the restaurant was reached this week for an undisclosed amount, but I'm not sure anything can make up for such a gruesome experience.

Unfortunately, he's not the only one who has found something unexpected while eating. Here are some other very unappetizing things people found in their food in recent years:



A New York man filed a lawsuit againstSubway in 2008 after finding a knife with a 7-inch bade baked into the bread of his sub. Kind of gives new meaning to the term cold cut.

Used Bandage

A college student in Illinois found a used bandage in her McDonald's french fries in 2005. How did she know it was used? Because the original wearer told her so and apologized.


A woman in the UK not only found nails in her macaroni and cheese, but actually swallowed one in 2008. She had to be hospitalized while she waited for it to pass.

Rat's Head

In 2007 a Utah woman opened up a can of green beans only to find the head of a rat added to the mix. You can see some images of it here, if you're so inclined.

Bon Appetit!

Have you ever found anything disgusting in your food?

Images norwichnuts/Flickr

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