'Top Chef DC:' Serving Raw Fish Takes Baseballs

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Was it just me, or did Episode 11 of Top Chef DC fly in the face of good judgement and common sense? Maybe I've been writing too much about eggs causing salmonella and deli meat recalls, but it seems to me that anyone who serves raw fish on a hot day at the Nationals' new stadium has a sinister plan to infect Padma, Tom C., and Eric Ripert with a food-borne illness. As guest judge Rick Moonen so eloquently said:

Serving raw fish at baseball stadium takes some baseballs.

Who would ever be so dumb?

Oh, wait, I know who ...


*Spoilers below.

I'm sorry, but I've had no use for Amanda since the beginning. There are many, many reasons why I feel this way, but let's allow Ed to sum it up for us:

I'm not a fan of Amanda. She's annoying. She's a slob. She has no technique. I think she's been lucky so far and that's why she's still here.

Well put, Ed. 

He's right, though. Let me add a few more, uh, critiques: She's flaky in her interviews. She whines a lot. And, most important, she serves boring, lackluster dishes week after week: The only reason she's still there is because other chefs (Alex, John, etc.) were worse than her.

Do I sound cranky? That's exactly because I am!

This season is so excruciatingly boring -- and then I have to watch a whiny chef pull an amateur move like serving gray tuna tartare to seafood god Eric Ripert. Where is the justice in the world?

Well, friends, justice was finally served at the end of the episode when Amanda was sent home for her oxidised fish (although you know the judges were just pissed that she had -- inadvertently, of course -- tried to poison them).

Other stuff that went down: Angelo and Kevin verbally sparred. Tiffany made a delicious-looking meatball sub (seriously, my mouth was watering). Ed won for his shrimp and corn risotto fritters but not before wearing Tiffany's dress around the Top Chef house.

This show better start getting interesting sometime because I'm beginning to dread Wednesday nights ...

Were you happy to see Amanda go home?

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