Experts Warn: Run From All Runny Eggs!

eggs benedictThe good news is that while half a billion eggs have been recalled in the past couple of weeks, it's a very small portion of all the eggs out there -- less than 1 percent of the eggs produced each year in the United States.

The bad news is experts aren't convinced that the threat of salmonella is limited  to just those eggs; and they're issuing stern warnings against eating ALL raw eggs.

If you're pregnant, be especially careful with any eggs, and if you're not pregnant, you need to start thinking like a pregnant lady and avoid any and all foods that contain raw or uncooked eggs in any form.

Here are a few to keep in mind:


Profiteroles and Other Custard Desserts The first cases of this salmonella outbreak have been traced back to a prom in California were eggs were used in a custard that's served inside these delicious pastries. Talk about a bad prom night!

Eggs Benedict  I am personally mourning this one, as it's my all-time favorite Sunday brunch.

Cesar Salad Many restaurants use raw eggs in Caesar dressing. The stuff in bottles is fine.

Pasta Carbonara This decadent dishes usually calls for a raw egg, which is cooked a little when added to hot pasta, but not enough. There are plenty of good eggless carbonara recipes out there though if you're craving it.

Cookie Dough You know you're not supposed to anyway, but now is the time to put a serious kibosh on any little nibbles.

Aioli and Mayonnaise The jarred versions should be fine, but if they're homemade or prepared in restaurant, check to see if they contain eggs.

Homemade Ice cream Sad but true, especially as the days of summer are dwindling.

Even if you buy the good kind of eggs -- cage-free, organic and free-range -- it still doesn't mean they're safe, unfortunately, according to Eatocracy.

As for fully cooked eggs, you still want to avoid those that have been recalled. So check the list of effected eggs from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before you start scrambling.

Which foods with raw eggs are most difficult for you to eliminate?

Image via little blue hen/Flickr

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