EVOO: Annoying Rachael Ray Catchphrase or Surprising Ingredient in These Desserts?

The answer is: Both!

Rachael Ray celebrated a birthday this week, and to honor the woman who introduced "EVOO" into our lexicon, here's a list of unexpected olive oil recipes.


Lemon-Olive Oil Cake: Epicurious says this cake tastes differently based on whether you use regular or extra-virgin olive oil -- the perfect opportunity to experiment! The best part? It only has five ingredients!

Or, how about a really wild EVOO cake? Emeril's Cornmeal-Olive Oil Cake is served with poached peaches in rosemary-honey syrup; the infusion of rosemary makes it like no other dessert you've ever tried before.

Olive Oil Gelato: We can thank Mario Batali for this smooth and surprisingly delightful treat.

Olive Oil Pancakes: Epicurious says these cracker-like pancakes make a great snack -- and they are, especially when served with lots of cheese!

Olive Oil Muffins: Think olive oil is just for sauteing vegetables and dressing salads? These muffins will make you think again. And -- get this -- they have both olive oil *and* balsamic vinegar. Crazy! But good.

Extra Rich Brownies: Olive oil replaces butter to produce a healthier brownie. So, go ahead -- indulge a little.

Blueberry Mayo: Blueberry vinegar is clearly the star of the show here, but this mayonnaise wouldn't be possible without 1 1/4 cups of olive oil.

Grilled Watermelon Salad: Before summer is over, give this salad a try! Never thought you'd have watermelon on the grill, did you? But olive oil makes it possible.

Nutmeg Cookies: Olive oil and sour cream help these nutmeg-scented cookies come together.

What are your favorite olive oil recipes?

Image via Podere Casanova/Flickr

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