10 Summer Foods You Should Eat Before Labor Day

picnic tableIs Labor Day, aka the official end of summer, really next weekend? Say it ain't so! There's so much that I haven't done, haven't enjoyed, haven't EATEN!

Summer is often defined by the foods -- the delicious smell of burgers wafting from the grills, the fresh, juicy fruits, cold ice cream on a hot day ...

Well, we still have exactly 12 days until Labor Day, so let's start stuffing our faces!


Seafood: After a long day at the beach, nothing is better than fresh seafood.

Tomatoes: I love how tomatoes are always tastier, bigger, and juicier in the summer.

Grilled Hamburgers/Hot Dogs: Since we usually begin and end our summers with cookouts, nothing screams seasonal more than a nicely grilled burger or dog.

grilled hot dogs and burgers

Ice Cream: I've definitely had plenty of ice cream this year (**guilty grin**) but ice cream is one of the few foods that you your taste buds can't get enough of.

S'mores: Summer is the perfect time to go camping, and what's the best part of camping? S'mores!

Corn on the Cob: So many delicious ways to eat corn, but my favorite is grilled with butter, lots and lots of butter. But as much as I love it, I haven't shucked a single ear this year.

corn on the cob

Sangria: Okay, so not technically a food. But what if we count the fruit that's in it?

Watermelon: I used to eat watermelon all the time as a kid during the summer, seeing how far I could spit the seeds was one of my favorite pastimes. I haven't had one slice this year -- what the heck?


BBQ: Barbecued ribs, barbecued chicken, straight up barbecue sandwiches -- barbecue sauce makes everything better.

Fair Food: So it's not the healthiest, but it's hard not to love the huge corn dogs, funnel cakes, and fried butter that comes around once a year. Okay, maybe we'll pass on the last one.

Have you eaten your summer faves this season? What are they?


Image via TMAB2003/Flickr, Sh4rp_i/Flickr, madaise/Flickr, moreno0101/Flickr

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