10 Summer Foods You Should Eat Before Labor Day

Brittny Drye

picnic tableIs Labor Day, aka the official end of summer, really next weekend? Say it ain't so! There's so much that I haven't done, haven't enjoyed, haven't EATEN!

Summer is often defined by the foods -- the delicious smell of burgers wafting from the grills, the fresh, juicy fruits, cold ice cream on a hot day ...

Well, we still have exactly 12 days until Labor Day, so let's start stuffing our faces!

Seafood: After a long day at the beach, nothing is better than fresh seafood.

Tomatoes: I love how tomatoes are always tastier, bigger, and juicier in the summer.

Grilled Hamburgers/Hot Dogs: Since we usually begin and end our summers with cookouts, nothing screams seasonal more than a nicely grilled burger or dog.

grilled hot dogs and burgers

Ice Cream: I've definitely had plenty of ice cream this year (**guilty grin**) but ice cream is one of the few foods that you your taste buds can't get enough of.

S'mores: Summer is the perfect time to go camping, and what's the best part of camping? S'mores!

Corn on the Cob: So many delicious ways to eat corn, but my favorite is grilled with butter, lots and lots of butter. But as much as I love it, I haven't shucked a single ear this year.

corn on the cob

Sangria: Okay, so not technically a food. But what if we count the fruit that's in it?

Watermelon: I used to eat watermelon all the time as a kid during the summer, seeing how far I could spit the seeds was one of my favorite pastimes. I haven't had one slice this year -- what the heck?


BBQ: Barbecued ribs, barbecued chicken, straight up barbecue sandwiches -- barbecue sauce makes everything better.

Fair Food: So it's not the healthiest, but it's hard not to love the huge corn dogs, funnel cakes, and fried butter that comes around once a year. Okay, maybe we'll pass on the last one.

Have you eaten your summer faves this season? What are they?


Image via TMAB2003/Flickr, Sh4rp_i/Flickr, madaise/Flickr, moreno0101/Flickr

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