The Situation Has a Vodka Situation

the situationAt long last we're let in on the secret to Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's rock-hard abs: It's vodka -- and vodka with protein nonetheless. (What? Did you expect something different?)

The Jersey Shore cast member has scored a $400K signing bonus for being Devotion Vodka's newest spokesman. (Although, hopefully, the role will require less speaking, and more, uh, whatever it is that The Situation does well. So, let's see here, GTLing?)


Devotion is an American vodka that's infused with casein, which is the predominant protein found in cow's milk. According to, casein can "support an increase in lean body mass and a decrease in body fat if the user is also on some sort of weight training program."

In other words, it enhances muscle growth -- maybe the only thing The Situation is actually qualified to talk about.

That's all fine and good, but can we move on to more important matters: For instance, how will Devotion Vodka taste in Ron-Ron Juice?

Here's a glimpse of the newest Devotion spokesperson hard at "work":

And, in case you're keeping a tally of The Situation's income, the 400,000 bones he's receiving from this deal is only a small portion of the $5 million he's supposedly on track to receive for 2010.

Sort of makes you want to rethink your own profession, doesn't it?


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