Energy Drinks Are Disgusting -- Here's One More Reason Why

energy drinks caffeine fifteen cokesHave you ever looked at Red Bull outside of its shiny can with the design-y logo? It looks like urine.

It doesn't taste much better, which must be why so many club-goers mix it with vodka. All of these crappy drinks that claim to give you energy completely skeeve me out. It's too close to Mountain Dew, and I can't help but conjure up the PBS special where the Mountain Dew addicts in West Virginia all had to have their teeth replaced by the time they were in high school.

A study is now showing an even more disturbing side of energy drinks like Red Bull, Rockstar, Cocaine (gee, there's a clue), and Pepsi Max: One energy drink can have as much caffeine as 15 Coca-Colas. Fifteen!!! Who drinks 15 sodas in a day? A crazy person, that's who. So why in the world would anyone down even one of these sugary, nasty things?


Listen, I drink a cup of coffee or two in the morning so I know that caffeine can be your friend, but when you're guzzling enough to sustain a sleepy new mom for more than an entire week in one sitting -- dude, it's time to get some help.

Sure you've got your ginseng, maybe some green tea thrown into that toxic mix, but the caffeine is going to make you crazy. You may think you're being "productive," but trust me, you're being CRAZY.

The most disturbing thing about this study is that it was done because so many teenagers were consuming these revolting refreshers as sports drinks, to help improve their performance. Of course it's completely dehydrating. So much so that none of these drinks recommend drinking them while working out.

Does this new study make you put down your AMP drink?


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