Food Truck Challenge: Blogger Only Dines On Street Eats for a Month!

cupcake stopI sit at my desk and agonize about where I'm going to get lunch from for a good 20 minutes every day. Chinese? Deli sandwich? Thai? Though I have plenty of places to choose from, the decision is always difficult. But what if I could only eat from food trucks -- never eating at the same stop more than twice in one week? With only a handful of trucks in my area, I'd definitely have to get creative. But one blogger was up for the challenge.


Nadia Ben-Marzouk, a 24-year-old student in NYC, has launched a mission to eat all meals from an authentic food truck for 30 days. Street meat does not qualify (no halal stand food?!) and eating from the same truck more than twice in one week is not allowed.

For the last week, Nadia's been chasing food trucks around the city, relying on Twitter to help hunt them down, and then documenting the experiences on her blog, Food Truck Sally

But the experiences aren't all sprinkled cupcakes and yummy falafel. As tasty as food truck meals are, they do tend to leave quite a heaviness in your stomach, which Nadia is finding to be a challenge. "I'm never hungry because the food is so heavy, it just sits there, even the next morning," she writes. It's also taking a toll on her social life, forcing her and her boyfriend's date nights to consist of sitting on the curb eating tahini-soaked pitas.

Regardless of the downfalls, she's marching on, not even letting a trip to Toronto mid-month sway her journey. "Originally, I was going to make this strictly a NYC thing, but life happens. I gotta go ... doesn't mean I'm going to let it stop me."

Okay, so now I think I know what I want for lunch.

Would you, could you, eat food truck food every meal for a whole month?


Image via crimsong19/Flickr


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