Duct Tape an Important Part of a Healthy Diet?

duct tapeShould you pack a roll of duct tape along with your grocery list and coupons?

Perhaps, according to a new study that found the multi-purpose material could help shoppers make smarter food choices at the grocery store.


Researchers in New Mexico placed a strip of duct tape across the width of grocery carts and asked shoppers to put fruits and vegetables in front of the tape line and the rest of the groceries behind it.

That simple line bolstered produce purchases a LOT -- by 102 percent!

“Food manufacturers have tremendous amounts of money to research what influences people to buy their products,” said Collin Payne, one of the researchers. “We’re looking for tools that will help consumers if they want to make healthier decisions. Right now there are more tools helping them make less healthy decisions."

Interesting, and I can see how it would be effective.

For me, it would be especially so if everyone in the store knew about the boundaries and used them too as I experience a certain amount of peer pressure when I shop.

I tend to buy pretty healthy, but when I pick more processed foods or cave and grab a bag of M&Ms, I usually try to shove them beneath healthier stuff. Ridiculous, I know, but I always check out what other people have in their carts with more than a little judgement. Don't you?

So if in addition to my own visualization the whole store could see my ratio of fresh foods to the junk, I'm sure I'd be more likely to pump up my produce selections ... or shop at midnight.

Do you think a line separating produce from the rest of your groceries would encourage you to make healthier food choices?

Image via woodleywonderworks/Flickr


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