Dinner & a Scary Movie: 7 Horrific Foods to Eat (or Avoid) Before the Show

I'm not a big fan of horror movies. I will not be seeing Piranha 3D this summer, for example, and I will definitely miss The Last Exorcism. However, I am a big fan of crime dramas. It seems like I had to wait forever for the fourth season of Dexter to come out on DVD last week. (I don't have cable.)

But for those of you who are braver than I am and plan to see Resident Evil: Afterlife or Saw 3D in the coming months, here are several dishes to enjoy to celebrate the experience (or to avoid if you have a weak stomach.):


Meatloaf with Bloody Sauce

In one of the challenges on The Next Food Network Star last season, contestants picked the name of a movie genre out of a box of popcorn and had to make a dish that embodied said genre. The winner of season six, Aarti Sequeira, selected "Horror," and created Turk-Eye Meatloaves with Bloody Sauce because she said horror movies made her think of the painting of the person with the moving eyes. Nicely played, Aarti.

Hollowed-Out Eyes and Severed Fingers

Eyes must be a popular scary dish, since the high priestess of domesticity (none other than Ms. Martha Stewart) has a recipe for hollowed-out radishes stuffed with pimiento-stuffed olives that look shocking like actually eyes in a highball. Martha has TONS of Halloween-themed recipes that are just the tip of the iceberg (natch). My favorite Martha-inspired Halloween touch? Her Severed Finger Invitation, in which she asks you to make a plaster cast of your own index finger and then nestle it in a bed of reindeer moss before sending it to your guests. (Oh, Martha ...)

If you're looking for something a little more, well, gory (but still tasty), there are plenty of other bloody red options:

Bloody Wine

For starters, how about some Red Wine Sangria? Bobby Flay has an easy recipe to kick your night off regardless of whether you have trouble sleeping later.


Raw Beef

For those of you who are in the mood for a little something different (and not just scary), why not give Alton Brown's Beef Carpaccio a shot? Nothing says, "Horror movie," quite like raw beef, does it? And for bonus raw beef fun, check out this brilliant video of Julia Child on the Late Show with David Letterman circa 1987:

Crimson Colored Cake

For dessert, how about a Red Velvet Cake? (One of my favorite scenes in Steel Magnolias was Tom Skerritt and Shirley MacLaine in the corport with the armadillo groom's cake. It was red velvet cake and Shelby (Julia Roberts)said, "People are going to be hacking into this poor animal and it looks like it's bleeding to death!")

Blood Dessert Lite

Or, if you're in the mood for something lighter, try something like this Strawberry Angel-Food Trifle. You can tell your guests the layers of strawberries are like dripping blood right before you push, "Play," on your DVD player.

What foods do you pair with your favorite scary movies?

Image via Double Feature Podcast/Flickr

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