A Better Way to Pour Your Champagne

champagne pouring researchResearchers have discovered a shocking revelation about champagne. The way you pour can enhance the flavor. (Or flavour, if you're from across the pond.)

How do I get this job of "champagne researcher," by the way?

The BBC is reporting this story, but I could have told them about the many benefits of pouring champagne like you pour beer, at an angle instead of straight down. Mostly because I'll spill the bubbly stuff all over my kitchen counter if I toss it right in the glass. I don't think I'm the only one who conserves their sparkling wine in this manner.

Yet, it's now an official "study." Again, how can I apply for this research position?


The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry published these findings:

"This quickly vertically extends and then progressively collapses during serving," they reported. "This way is the traditional way of serving champagne and sparkling wines in bars, clubs, and restaurants."

The scientists concluded: "Since dissolved CO2 is known to be of great importance in champagne and sparkling wine tasting, would not it be pertinent to revisit the way champagne should be served?"

Dr Liger-Belair and his colleagues are now constructing a mathematical model to describe "CO2 discharge during the champagne pouring process."

All righty then! For those of you who have not already adapted this tilted glass pour, do it now and taste the magic.

How do you pour your champagne into the glass?


Image via ori2uru/Flickr

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