KFC Skinwich: A Disgusting Hoax Becomes Real!

kfc skinwich

It was too awful to be true: A new KFC sandwich filled with five layers of fried chicken skin, white American cheese, and bacon piled high on a bun.

It's name? The KFC Skinwich.

*Dry heave.*


I'd expect nothing less from the fast food chain that gave us the Double Down. Yet, thankfully, the Skinwich turned out to be an Internet hoax. (See BrainResidue.com for complete story.)

But that didn't stop The Chicago Tribune's food blog, "The Stew," from creating their own KFC Skinwich from scratch. They removed the fried skin from five pieces of KFC's Original Recipe Chicken, then assembled a sandwich using the bun, cheese, bacon, and Colonel’s Sauce from a KFC Doublicious sandwich.

The verdict?

"Your first instinct might be to barf, but this is one amazing sandwich ... This is what the Double Down strived to be but failed in execution: an absurd-sounding product meant to attract curious customers by its novelty factor. The Double Down is gloppy and messy. This has texture, crunch, grease, and enough sodium to destroy your kidneys three times over. But it is KFC skin."

Wow. That's truly disgusting. The photo alone is enough to make me hurl.

Would you assemble your own KFC Skinwich?


Image via BrainResidue.com

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